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Millions of people (including myself) go on Youtube to watch videos daily just out of pure boredom; the most famous of these videos are of vloggers, cats, and babies. But, lets focus on the vloggers part of this description when evaluating Youtube and one starts to question how these people can vlog every, single, day and a while I found out it was because their careers are Youtube, they vlog as a career.

This actually slightly stunted the way I saw the world because I never knew that making people laugh and talking about the most ridiculous things on Youtube could actually earn someone a living. So, I decided to research more into this new industry and according to statistics popular youtubers can earn a between of over $100,000 to over a million a year.

Now then lets look at some other statistics of earnings from other jobs. In comparison, working as a qualified barrister, engineer or doctor will earn you less than people who work less hours and don’t need the same qualifications that everyone in these careers work hard to achieve. To some extent, many people argue that much like acting it is an art that requires a creative mind and a unique set of skills but this leads many to wonder why they are studying.

Youtube as an industry is constantly growing, youtuber’s have an understanding of what the public wants, in fact, many of them do have a college education but much like how it is common for people to work in an industry they did not base their studies on. Their natural talent to make people laugh with their silly jokes and weird comments allow them to make an earning from the comfort of their homes, similar to how many people choose to work nowadays in other industries. Hence, one then wonders whether Youtube is becoming more of an industry for comedians and the like as life in general for many people is becoming more web based and if so how is that a reflection of the job industry in the future.

Youtube Money 268x300 The Youtube IndustryThe shift in the way people do their jobs is largely affected by the technological advancements of the last decade. Firms, business and corporations are already so integrated with technology in communicating with other companies that it is almost impossible to remember a life without such conveniences.

In other words, could Youtube very well be a method used in the future for businesses operations? It is possible because many people use it as a way of advertising their products and services. When so many people work via Youtube, the core of the operations is based on the uploading, sharing and liking of the video thus, if it is possible to gain profit through such a method for individuals the possibilities for a big company is endless.

Marketing, Analysing and Producing the service or good can all be done from the comfort of our homes in front of the computer and the forefront of this system could be Youtube. From being just apart of the entertainment industry, we may very well see this website possibly intersecting more in not only the field of business but education as it is becoming more convenient for students to be able to view lectures and classes online, where they would be able to pause, stop or repeat something that has been covered until they understand the theory behind a certain topic or area of study.

The best part about this function is that people are able to comment and discuss their ideas immediately thus giving feedback to not only the producer of the video but to other viewers who may have similar enquiries. In conclusion, the future of Youtube shows us the many possibilities one has in the online world however, whether or not this is a positive way forward is debatable.

Analissa Lim

Currently, studies Law at the University of Manchester. Interested in a wide variety ideologies, literature and business concepts.